Bicycle Short Film Collection

December 7, 2013 by Stephen Auerbach - No Comments

A Fun Cycling Celebration for a Sunday Afternoon.  Have a look at the trailer for our film “Bicycle Movies: The Short Film Collection.”  The film features the best 22 short films about cycling in the world.  The range is broad and it covers all aspects from Road, to MTB, to BMX to Cyclocross to Fixie and beyond. This film covers all bases in a very entertaining way and we like to think of the collection as the perfect film to gift to, or to watch with, the younger cyclists in your family.  Consider it our bid to bring the generations together in their love for the greatest invention of them all – the bicycle! Bicycle Movies: The Short Film Collection is your ticket to the front of the breakaway, so grab some popcorn, clip into your pedals and enjoy the show!