Tiffany Cromwell Superstar

December 21, 2013 by Stephen Auerbach - 2 Comments

Tiffany Cromwell is a 25 year pro old cyclist from Australia with an aggressive style and powerful ability to challenge her competitors in the peloton. Amongst her many accomplishments, Tiffany is a two time winner of the Sea Otter Classic. In this video (above) she lays out her TOP TEN TIPS FOR FEMALE CYCLISTS. Tiffany just made news by switching teams as she moved from Orica AIS to Specialized Lululemon. She’s certainly a cyclist to watch, one that has an engaging personality and a bright future even beyond her cycling career. She’s ambitious both on and off the bike. Can anyone say “future Prime Minister of Australia?”


Here’s a brief interview with Tiffany by Cycling Scribe Rowena Scott of BNA (Bicycle Network Australia)

BNA: You go by a few names?

Tiffany Cromwell, Tiffy, Tiff, Tiffinator, TJ, Cromo

BNA: How old where you when you started riding seriously?

13 years old (2002)

BNA: What’s your riding style?

I’m an aggressive rider who prefers a tough race, I am a bit of an all rounder but my major strength is in climbing I like a breakaway.

BNA: Do you have a favorite race?

I have a couple, Tour de Flandres (Belgium), Philadelphia Liberty Classic (USA), Giro d’Italia Femminile(Italy).

BNA: What’s your best placing?

2009 stage 2 Time Trial, la route de France feminine – Winner

2008 & 2010 Australian Road Cycling Championships – 2nd

2009 Sea Otter Classic – Winner

2009 Montreal World Cup – 7th

BNA: Undulations, mountains or the flat, if you could only do one which would you choose?



BNA: Do you have a pre-race song?

Not really, before time trials I normally just have a warm-up play list with upbeat tunes and dance tracks.

BNA: What’s or who is your inspiration?

I get inspired by other people’s success whether it is fellow athletes or other elite athletes and Australians.

BNA: How much coffee do you think you consume?

Zero, I don’t like coffee, Chai on the other hand have at least one a day many times more when I can find it, it hasn’t really made it in Europe yet.

BNA: What are the worst and the best things about training?

Worst would have to be rain and bad weather, I’m not a fan, and best thing is the social aspect, finding new roads, cafe stops, being in the outdoors in the sunshine, pushing yourself past limits that you didn’t know was possible.


BNA: Best place in the world to be a cyclist?

Australia!!! Slightly biased for Adelaide as it has great training and weather, Boulder-Colorado is also awesome and Girona, Spain!

BNA: What would you like to see change in women’s cycling in Australia and/or over the world?

I would like to see a lot more exposure throughout the world, get women’s cycling on a much bigger scale, I would like to see more sponsors come on board to increase the salaries closer to the men. I would also love to see more major men’s races teamed up with women’s races like La Fleche Wallone and Flandres.

BNA: What’s the best thing about being an Australian Athlete?

Everything! To have the opportunity to represent my country on a world scale is pretty amazing; to wear the green and gold to race world championships and on the right track to one day represent Australia at Commonwealth and Olympic games is pretty special. I think it is just part of the Australian culture too, to take part in sport.