Ironclad Racing Team

December 15, 2013 by Stephen Auerbach - No Comments

Here’s a seven minute short film from our release “Bicycle Movies: The Short Film Collection.” It’s called “Summer Behind Bars: The story of the Ironclad Racing Team.

There are many racing teams across America but none with the charisma and energy of the free-spirited Ironclad Racing Team from Portland, Oregon. They are fast, they are furious and they know how to have fun. Wonderful filmmaker Will Walle created this tribute to the team that is half emotional bonding story that plays the heartstrings and half wild satire of cycling shenanigans. The Ironclad Team is full of die-hard cyclists and intriguing personalities.

If you are a member of a racing team we are pretty sure you’ll recognize yourself, or someone on your team in this piece. But when all the humor and adult fun simmers down, this team has heart and a tremendous love for one another; in short, their theme song should be “We Are Family,” by Sister Sledge. Go Ironclad Go!