Holiday Treat: Eye Candy

December 23, 2013 by Stephen Auerbach - No Comments

I am constantly amazed by the endless creativity that emerges bold and bright from the cycling community. Whether it’s a heartfelt essay, a funny video, a new way to fundraise and touch people, or an incredible photographer inspired by the beauty and drama of cycling imagery, it seems that everyday a new artistic explosion bursts forth and re-affirms that this is indeed a unique endeavor and artform.

In this spirit, I thought it would be nice to allow the optical senses to bathe in a bit of luxury and entertainment with a collection of some of the best Mountain Biking photography. I’ll try to post the same for road cycling in a few days, but for now here’s a killer gallery of imagery for the ages. Each photo has the name of the photographer at the bottom so if you are curious in their other works, or if you just want to tell the artist you appreciate what they’ve created, you can google on over and let them know you are ‘moved’ by their art. Every artist loves this, and in fact, it’s my contention that that’s why artists do what they do – because they want to connect with others. So go ahead, connect! Better yet, take some amazing photos of your own and send them to us. We can have our own photo contest.

By the way, I’d love to know which of these priceless moments captured by “in-tune” artists is your favorite, and why.

And now, here we go….


Red Bull Rampage




Paris Gore Photography






Nate Adams get the Niner Bikes WFO 9 a little tabled euro style near Fort Collins, CO