Florida Ghost Bike

December 10, 2013 by Stephen Auerbach - 4 Comments

Watch “Florida Ghost Bike,” from our release “Bicycle Movies: The Short Film Collection. This short film is a very strong follow-up to yesterday’s video, “Dear Motorist.” Naturally, this is a topic that concerns all of us, what I’d like to do by posting “Florida Ghost Bike,” is to encourage a vital conversation. Namely, how do we get the message about respect for cyclists out to “non-cyclists.” One of the comments about yesterday’s video was, “great video, but it’s preaching to the choir,” and I agree. I would love to hear suggestions about how we create a productive dialogue with non-cyclists about the dangerous conditions cyclists face on the roads. Is it hopeless? Are legislative fixes the only hope? I’m even open to putting our film “Bicycle Dreams” on a national tour again, but this time to raise awareness for non-cyclists about the issue. A lot of my desire to initiate this conversation comes from meeting a very brave woman yesterday who endured 22 surgeries after being run over. Who is next, and how do we lower the price of pursuing our healthy passion?