The Last Kilometer, Moon Rider, 7 Deserts: Digital Download 3-Pack


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This DVD is an incredible collection of the finest cycling films of recent times. We try and watch just about every cycling film that is created and these three gems represent the finest undiscovered cinematic experiences available.

The set begins with the provocative Italian Film, “The Last Kilometer.” It's a portrait of professional road cycling at a crossroads. The film begins with Cadel Evans and then widens out to examine the many changes that have occurred in recent times (with the constant subtext of “is doping ruining the sport?) and asks the question if cycling itself, as a sport worthy of attention and veneration, is on its' last pedal. In other words, is this “The Last Kilometer” for the sport itself.

The second gem in the collection is the fascinating “7 Deserts: A Bicycle Journey.” It's an intimate film diary of the humble Spanish Adventurer Sergio Fernandez. A modern-day Don Quixote, Sergio birthed a wild and wooly quest to cross the 7 major Deserts on Planet Earth on his bicycle. The film is breathtaking in scope and Sergio's engaging personality is a “winner.”

The collection concludes with critically acclaimed Danish Film, “Moon Rider.” It features Denmark's cycling sensation Rasmus Quaade. What makes Rasmus so compelling is that his genetic gifts are equally dispensed between his physical prowess and his mental agility. This leads to his head battling with his heart while his off the charts lungs and legs do the pedaling. It's an epic tale of Shakespearian proportion with young Ramsmus a stand in for Hamlet – another Prince from Denmark!

You can watch trailers for all three films below. Each of the films are in their original language with English Subtitles.

The amazing collection of great cycling films is also available as a DVD.

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Product Description

Cycling is like literature; endlessly fascinating and full of depth.  In 2013, with a plethora of scandals behind us (and unfortunately, most likely ahead of us), cycling is surely at a crossroads.  One can wonder such questions as: Who is a hero?  Can a honest cyclist who plays by the rules compete at the highest levels?  What does it take to be the best?  What is the allure and challenge of cycling that drives some to pedal across the globe in search of adventure.?  All of these themes are tacked in the incredible 3 film set available only for the first time ever.  The collection begins with the Italian film, THE LAST KILOMETER. An examination of the current state of professional road cycling. The Spanish Film 7 DESERTS  follows, and it is the first hand diary of a cyclist who attempts to  cross the major deserts completely alone and unattended. The set concludes with the highly acclaimed Danish Film, MOON RIDER which reveals the the pain and the glory that combine in the heart of a young cycling champion attempting to become among the world’s greatest cyclists.  Three riveting films, three grand adventures, with plenty of humor, scandal and heartbreak with each pedal stroke.

The Last Kilometer – Directed by Paolo Casalis. Running Time: 52 minutes. In Italian, German and English, with English Subtitles.
Moon Rider – Directed by Daniel Dencik. Running Time: 88 minutes. In Danish, English, French, and German with English Subtitles
7 Deserts – Directed by Uri Garcia. Running Time: 52 minutes. In Spanish with English Subtitles
Total Running on the DVD: 192 minutes; 3 hours and 12 minutes


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